Wuju: Productivity Despite Depression

Trying to be productive when you are depressed is like swimming uphill through molasses.

It’s sluggish, ineffective and very confusing.

There are dozens of pages online offering tips on how to be productive when depressed.

Here are some things they say you should do:

  • Spend time with friends — But I don’t want to see anybody
  • Exercise and eat well — But I don’t want to evn get out of bed
  • Get a good night sleep — But I can’t fall asleep and I can’t wake up
  • Set aside time for self care — But I kinda hate myself right now
  • Focus on one thing at a time — But I can’t focus on anything at all

Looks like the people writing these tips are just looking for quick clicks and never had depression themselves.

Being unproductive is often the cause and the consequence of depression. Unfortunately this doesn’t get enough attention.

Let’s fix this.

Welcome to Wuju

I struggled with depression for 15 years and tried every productivity method under the sun with very little success. The techniques, while good for regular people, are useless for us.

Wuju is different. I built it with depression in mind. With you in mind.

Here’s what it can do.

Lift your mental fog in as little as 3 minutes

I’m not talking about 3 minutes per day. It’s 3 minutes, period.

Whenever you feel foggy or lethargic, you can open the app, go through the gentle Release process, and the fog will lift by itself.

I used to wake up every morning feeling tired, wired and foggy. These days I just start my day with Wuju and get out of bed quickly – smiling, energetic and ready for the day.


Surgically remove your sense of worthlessness

Feeling worthless will kill your productivity faster than a 9mm bullet.

This is why Wuju is built to help you tackle worthlessness directly. Releasing worthlessness is a gentle 3-minute process that will leave you refreshed, invigorated and ready to take action.

This sense of failure, of inadequacy, of worthlessness, it used to happen to me all the time, you know? I didn’t believe at first that Wuju could help, it felt so real to me. But it does, it really does. One moment it’s there, and then poof – the worthlessness is gone and I feel great again!


Free yourself from crippling fear of failure

Depression makes every challenge seem impossible. The fear of failure can become so overwhelming that you freeze, unable to move an inch.

Instead of rationalizing the fear away (which, as you know, doesn’t really work) Wuju dissolves the fear directly, clearing your mind and allowing you to see new ways to act.

I’ve been struggling with anxiety for a long time but now when I’m having some fear of failure, I just reach for Wuju. And it just clears it all out, and it brings me back to my center and it brings back some focus and courage and I’m like, “OK now I can move forward.”


Snap out of endless procrastination and social media addiction

Have you ever had one of those 12-hour long Netflix or social media binges that leave you feeling agitated, drained and utterly miserable?

Wuju can help you snap out of it way before the 12-hour mark. A quick 3-minute process and your craving will subside allowing you to choose a more productive way to spend your time.

Wuju is very effective. I personally use to better deal with my internet compulsions. When I feel a craving for it, Wuju guides me to be mindful of the emotions and impulses. It creates the space needed for me to make a decision. I can respond now to emotions with more rationality and presence, and I am way more productive.


No need for discipline, reminders or daily habits

Wuju uses a unique mind hack that causes the habit of using it to evolve naturally and without effort.

It doesn’t even have any reminders. The experience of using Wuju is so powerful and so pleasant that you’ll naturally reach for it whenever you need to.

Wuju is quite different. It’s weird, every other app pummels you with reminders, incentives, and all sorts of bells and whistles to get you to stick with it. Wuju does no such thing. The first week I hardly used it, then week 2 I used it a couple of times. Now, over a month later, the habit is happening naturally, organically.


Tomorrow could be your most productive day in months

Using Wuju you’ll be able to

  • Finish your degree with flying colors — Instead of dropping out
  • Skyrocket your career — Instead of getting fired for low performance
  • Build and grow your small business — Instead of working for the man
  • Unleash your creativity in art — Instead of working a 9-5 job

WARNING: A possible side effect of Wuju is a complete remission of your depression symptoms.

“It’s almost as good as having a therapist on call 24 hours a day.”

No credit card required.

Who am I?

My name is Eli Finer (@finereli on Twitter).

I was diagnosed with depression about 15 years ago. I tried therapy (mostly ineffective), medication (nasty side effects), meditation (too slow) and every self help book I could lay my hands on (most are full of advice I couldn’t readily follow).

Slowly, over the years, I developed the Wuju method that allowed me to continue working, enjoy life and be there for my family while still occasionally experiencing depression.

I live with my wife and two kids in beautiful Nelson, BC, Canada.