Two weeks of work. In two days. Impossible?

You’ve had two weeks for this project, or maybe it was a month.

But working from home, during the pandemic, wearing the same sweatpants and T-shirt for weeks at a time – you’re just not as productive as you usually are.

Hell, who are you kidding? You’ve made almost no progress. Sure, you sent some vague progress reports that you hoped would fool your overworked boss.

But you can’t quite fool yourself, can you?

Can you feel the fear? The shame? The anger?

In times like these our knee jerk reaction is to push ourselves harder, or at least try to. It may work for a while. But the amount of work is overwhelming and there just isn’t enough time.

Can you feel the hopelessness setting in?

Your fear, shame and anger keep you stuck

These negative emotions are the reason you’re stuck despite trying every productivity trick in the world.

You might not even realize you’re feeling them. But they are there.

And they are so unpleasant we’d do anything to avoid them. Which means reaching for distractions:

Trying to shove these emotions out of the way doesn’t work.

  • endlessly scrolling through social media
  • binging on Netflix
  • eating junk food
  • sleeping
  • and yeah, porn

No amount of schedules, task lists or Pomodoro timers can fix this.

And the work that needs doing doesn’t just disappear.

Wuju can turn you into a productivity machine

Wuju will help you process these emotions, quickly. This will free your mind to tackle your work.

And yes, without the burden of negative emotions, it is possible –

You can do two weeks of work in two days.

You know this, because you felt this kind of fire before. Fueled by excitement, a sense of purpose and conviction, you worked like crazy and delivered.

You can do that again. You can do that right now.

It will take you 5 minutes to get unblocked.

Are you ready?

No credit card required.

This sense of failure, of inadequacy, of hopelessness, it used to happen to me all the time, you know? I didn’t believe at first that Wuju could help. How could it? But it does, it really does. One moment it’s there, and then poof – the hopelessness is gone and I feel clear and focused again!


I’ve been struggling with anxiety for a long time but now when I’m having some fear of failure, I just reach for Wuju. And it just clears it all out, and it brings me back to my center and it brings back some focus and courage and I’m like, “OK now I can move forward.”


Who am I?

My name is Eli Finer (@finereli on Twitter).

I’ve been a software developer for 25 years and struggled with depression for the last 15. I’ve been where you are now, many times – stressed, overwhelmed, ashamed. About to give up.

I built Wuju to help me – and now you – through this. A tool that can help you find light in the darkness, shed the weight you carry and make the best out of a shitty situation.